M206 (v. 0.91)

According to this page: https://www.reprap.org/wiki/G-code the command M206 in Repetier (version unspecified) has the format
M206 T[type] P[pos] [Sint(long] [Xfloat]

Is there some documentation anywhere about the possible types and positions?

Can somebody tell me the complete command for moving the Y axis home position 7mm towards the front?


  • There is no documentation apart form that.
    M206 T[type] P[pos] Sint(long] [Xfloat] - Set EEPROM value

    Use T and P from M205 output to set the value. Use S or X for value depending on the type (int or float) the target has. If M205 contains a dot it is float otherwise it is int.
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