firmware configuration disabled

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I have a Monoprice Maker Select (Wanhao I3), and M115 returns this:


The printer is connected with USB, and as far as I can tell everything looks fine, except that the menu option "firmware EEPROM config Alt-E" is greyed out.

Am using Repetier-Host under Windows, and I believe it is the latest version.

What do I need to do to be able to edit the EEPROM from the computer?


  • Latest version is 2.1.6 for host. Try sending M205 and see log response. Normally it is grayed out if eeprom is not compiled in. If you see all settings after M205 you know it is compiled in firmware.
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    2.1.6, yes. I don't know about "all" but it prints out a long list of lines starting with "EXPR".

    So if it is compiled in then what is missing?

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    Also, there is a menu on the printer for changing (ie save/restore) the EEPROM, so doesn't that mean it is there?

  • Yes, looks like you have eeprom. Question is then why host thinks you do not have it. Have you set firmware to repetier? If it grayed out host thinks eeprom is not available.
  • What do you mean set firmware? In the slicer? Yes.
  • Under "printer settings"/"firmware" I changed from "auto" to "repetier-firmware", and it made no difference. But everything really looks fine, it connects and displays data and stuff, it's just that the EEPROM editor menu option is disabled.
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