Extending the build plate (y axis)

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I have a Monoprice maker select (Wanhao duplicator i3) with a glass bed (220x220 mm). Apparently it is Repetier firmware version 0.91. The size of the print bed in the software settings is 200x200. For some reason, possibly due to problems I had when installing the bed, the origin is around 6mm too far in (away from the front edge) in the Y axis. X & Z are centered.

I tried to print an item that is 202mm wide/long, and after changing the bed size in Cura and orienting it along the Y axis, the slicing worked fine.

However, the finished object is only 195mm long, and seems to be scaled down proportionally, so that everything is a little bit too small. My immediate assumption is that this is a combination of two things: the 5/6mm distortion, and some hard-coded bed limit at 200mm.

Does this make sense? Does the firmware scale down the whole model if the G-code crosses the bed limits? Everything else I have seen suggests this is not possible.

What is the easiest solution to (1) adjust the Y-axis origin, and (2) make use of more than 200mm in the Y axis? There does not seem to be any physical reason it cannot use the full 220mm.


  • bed X,Y min/max  can be changed in the eeprom (if enabled) use the eeprom editor in repetier host.
    You also need to set the min/max in repetier host/printer settings/printer shape.

  • So I compensate for the distortion also by adding 5/6mm to those settings?

  • Dimensions in host and firmware do not change distortion. Change x and y axis resolution to adjust dimensional errors. Can also be changed in eeprom settings.
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