"@pause" Command

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Evening from Canada;

I am loving what you have been doing to the Repetier Server and use it to run my machine at home.
I just started using the @pause command so I can change filament at a crucial layer.
Just though a great feature would be the ability to see where the pauses are, for example a marker in the Z-position slider or such.
Also, displaying the ETA to the next @pause would be wonderful, so I can plan when I need to be near my printer again.

Thanks again and keep up the great work


  • Nice idea. Have to think about that and what is possible without making it complicated.
  • Hi,
    I have this in Marlin : #define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT "@pause"
    but Repetier Server show:  
    echo:enqueueing "@pause"
    echo:Unknown command: "@pause"
  • @ commands are not gcode that firmwares understand. These only work on server side. What about  M600 gcode for marlin. Server detects that and goes to filament change.
  • If I use M600, the printer Stop but I dont know how I can resume the print. My server dont goes to filament change. 
  • Might be that firmware goes to blocking mode to handle change it self. Not so sure what marlin does in that case. If firmware detects it and goes to pause the pause button becomes a continue button.
  • If I use : #define EMERGENCY_PARSER in Marlin, I can resume the print with M108 .
    Now it works
  • Then M600 is blocking firmware side and only the fact that server can send emergency commands help getting it comtinue as it is not a real server pause. More a mixture:-)
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