Issue with the visualisation of the 3d printer ("show printer model" option issue)


I have a problem with the setup of repetier host to show the 3d visualization of my 3d printer (Delta printer).

I can’t understand how the 3d model (of the printer) is centered to the printing area.


Here an image to represent my problem.

In cyan: the standard 3d printer visualization, the origin of this particular stl file is correctly placed on the origin of the printing area.

In white: My stl (draft …) to represent my 3d printer, the origin don’t seems to matter to repetier host as the file is always in the wrong position.

I have tried to move the file origin to no avail.

Also the option “HomeX”, “Home Y” and “Home Z” never change the stl placement . Why ?


Is there a way to correct this issue?



And sorry if this issue as already been discussed, but I didn't find the related topic ...

PS : Printing is fine, and objects are properly centered on the bed.

Info : Repetier host version V2.1.6


  • The stl for printer visualition is not moved at all. Host uses the exact coordinates of the stl as it was exported. So go to your cad software and move the model so top center is at 0,0,0 and export STL without changing coordinates. Then it will show up where you need it.
  • Hello

    Ok sorry my bad
    I should have checked the origin of the file with an external software.
    Apparently solidworks place the STL origin in a random position and not on the same origin of the part designed ....

    For anyone interested : Activate the "properly named" option "Do not translate STL output data to positive space"

  • Alternatively load stl, place it and then store it. It will be stored including current transformation. Then select saved stl.
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