How to successfully pause 3D printing and turn off

Hello! Tell me, please, is there any way to successfully pause 3D printing and turn off the printer completely, and then continue the next day?


  • Simple answer: Maybe.

    Disabling printer voids all informations and internal settings. Bed temperature reduction may cause object to plop off. Z position may change and without z max homing you can not get it back. Host has no support for this.

    Using repetier-server it is a maybe. There we have a rescue system that at least tries to restore last state back and remembers the printer state in stead of firmware. Together with new 1.0.4 (dev) repetier-firmware it gets even better as firmware can help if rescue support was compiled in. Then you could unplug usb and printer would go to a park position and store last executed command in eeprom. Then you could disable printer. On next connect server will see it was unconnected and offers to continue the print.

    The rescue system should be tested first. Next 0.92.0 has some mods to it as well as there are still some bugs in it.

    Last solution is to do what rescue system does manually. Restore old conditions, shorten gcode to the remaining part and print the rest.
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