Proximity switch inputs

My 3d printer uses 24vdc NPN proximity switches that I have wired to a transistor board that changes the signals to 5vdc. When the proximity switch is active it sends 5vdc to the arduino board. I am using a Mega2560 and a RAMPS 1.4 board.

I am in the process of setting the 3d printer up and am using the configuration tool on the website.

When I give an axis a move command, the drive is enabled (I can't turn the motor) but nothing is happening. Prior to giving the axis a move command I can turn the motor by hand and also the stop motor button will disable the motors afterwards so I think that is fine. I am wondering if I have the configuration setup wrong for the min and max endstops.

Another thing I am looking into is if the step and direction signals are correct.

Thanks for any help offered!


  • Steps always toggle on/off so they can not be wrong as long as they are present. Direction the same. You always have at least a direction, may only be the wrong one.

    Check your endstop status with


    to see ig endstops are configured correct. Moving against a triggered endstop is not possible.
  • OK Thanks!

    I did manage to get movement! I am using Toshiba TB6560 stepper motor drivers for my 3d printer. I made pololu sized breakout boards which take the 5v pin, the enable, step and direction pins and breaks them out to a 4 pin screw terminal connector on top. It turned out I had the direction and step wires crossed.

    Now I am just working on sorting a few things out. The Y axis went through its homing sequence but was going the wrong direction. X axis when homing was going towards the max endstop and when it hit the endstop it wouldn't stop. Z axis did the same thing. I think the X and Z endstops are flipped. I ran out of time but have a few things I am going to test today on it. In the configuration I am going to try selecting the actual digital pins instead of selecting the X min, X max, etc endstop choices.   

  • Endstops are only tested in move direction. So on max dir move the min endstop does not stop. But you can set the max endstop pin to min endstop pin if it is connected there. Only then disable min endstop.
  • I used the actual pin numbers for the endstop pin assignments instead of the x min endstop, y min endstop, etc. I am using the ramps 1.4 board left to right have it z max, z min, y max, y min, x max & x min.

    Anyways after I got the pin assignments correct everything worked as it should. Now onto calibrating the heaters and the extruder motor.

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