BLTouch in delta Micromake D1

I am just trying to set up the bltouch on my delta printer Micromake D1. The thing is that I made it work; when I send the commands "M340 P0 S700" and "M340 P0 S1500" is moving up and down but when I send G29 or G33 the metallic part of the sensor is not going down.

If I move the Touch by gcode sending "M340 P0 S700"  and then run G29, it is working but I got the next error (but I also get the measurements):

19:17:51.930 : Error:
19:18:04.294 : Z-probe:7.62 X:30.00 Y:-20.00
19:18:11.375 : Z-probe:9.82 X:10.00 Y:30.00
19:18:18.573 : Z-probe:6.65 X:-3.00 Y:-35.00
19:18:19.397 : Error:
19:18:19.829 : Z-probe average height:8.03
19:18:19.833 : X:-3.00 Y:-35.00 Z:3.820 E:0.0000
19:18:19.833 : Error:

I guess I need to set somewhere in the firmware my Zmin as "electronic, normally closed" but I don't know where. 

If you could tell me if the issue is due to that and how to solve it I will be really thank you! 


  • There is activate and deactivate string in config to contain gcodes send before and after probing where you need to put the M340 commands. You do NOT define z min endstop. Only z probe connected to zmin pin where you can also disable pullup. For homing oyu have the only endstops x,y,z max you need as end stop.

    The error messages seem strange as there is no error message.Normally there is. Are you using dev version (1.0.4)?
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