Raspberry Pi 4 Compatibility?

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Anyone tried the Raspberry Pi 4 B+ with Repetier-Server? Not sure if the RS image for the PI will install on it either.

Any info appreciated.



  • Don't think it will work (the image). Had same problem with Pi 3+ that a new kernel was required to support the board. What should work is install it on older pi and upgrade linux so it uses new kernel.

    We will do that for next image with 0.92.0 along with some other planned improvements soon. We also ordered a Pi 4 for testing which should arrive soon, then we can say more.
  • Did that Pi3 -> Pi4 upgrade a few days ago, and it worked rather smoothly. The only thing that didn't work after the upgrade was the webcam. Looks like the format of '/usr/bin/v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext' changed a little bit and I had to tweak the regular expressions that were looking for Pixel Format.
  • docbobo - did you eventually get the cams to work after tweaking?
  • I managed to update the Raspberry PI for Buster and that went fine...Repetier Server starts up, connects and works fine. The only stumble is the Pi doesn't start Chromium to show the web GUI on the 3.5" TFT display, it just sits at the :$ line. No doubt humbly awaiting some intelligent command from me, which I apparently screwed up in the update process...:-)
  • That is normal and happens after every update. Login and run
    sudo raspi-config and select to autologin to commandline in boot options. Don't know why but updating linux always deletes this setting.
    After reboot it should start again touch screen with chrome.
  • Did the rasp-config, needed to install lightdm, did that. Boots to a blank screen with the cursor top left corner...LOL

    Hows that go? I'm closer but no cigar...:-)
  • Do not think we used lightdm. openbox is what we use without window manager to reduce memory usage. New 0.92 is nearly finished and then I will make a new image based on buster. Then I will also know what the problem is. Also want to fix the login problem and start it in a different way to not depend on autologin.
  • That'll be great cause I san start from a known point instead blindly stumbling around in the dark...LOL

    Looking forward to the update! Thanks for the prompt response and a fabulous product!

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