PID on Cocoon Create using Repetier

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Pretty new to this, only know basics so apologizes in advance.
My cocoon is a re badged wanhao duplicator i3 plus.

Noticed my extruder temp thru out a print is stradling the target by 10 degrees either side. So I've watched all the vids on how to use this software to do a PID tune.

Downloaded the software, figured out how to what I think is "connect" but I don't seem to be able to view any logs or send any commands to the printer. The Firmware EEprom command is still grayed out after hrs of idling connected. W

What am I doing wrong guys? Snap shot of what I can see:i


  • dont know what I did exactly, but I worked out how to fumble my through it and got it to work!!! classic PID tune did teh trick. Have nice and stable temps now!!
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