Timelapse flash

Hi, I'm using the Pro 0.91.2 version of Repetier Server and wonder if the recording of the snapshots for the timelapse function can be further customized. Is there a script somewhere that is called for each snapshot?

I would like to turn on the LED lighting before taking a snapshot and turn it off again after the snapshot. Just like a flash does.


  • Currently not but have added a before and after snapshot event for next update.

    You should note that normal snapshots are taken on the fly so are not in sync with gcode and especially not with buffered moves. This is to ensure best quality. Exception is if you force a certain position. Then we wait for the gcode and moves to be finished so if you control lights for snapshots you should use that option as well or light will be on at wrong time.
  • Sounds good! So I'll wait for the next update. Thanks!
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