Problems with starting/2nd layer temperatures.

I'm using repetier-host mac 1.2 and my printer is no longer getting starting temperature from the slic3r output.  I'm not sure what I've changed to break this.  My question is, how are the temperatures from the filament tab handled?  Are they handed off to slic3r or are they handled as macros in the start-gcode of the slic3r.  I've ended up deleting my start g-code and setting the 1st layer temperature in there with a macro and the 2nd layer temperature in the between-layer code with a conditional macro.  Is this how it's supposed to work or should slic3r be reading these temperatures from the settings on the filament tab and outputting the g-code itself?


  • After more fiddling, I figured out that when certain commands are included in the custom start g-code that the built-in start codes were converted into a comment.  Then, even when I removed my custom code, it didn't return to inserting the default codes.  Only after I deleted the generated comment from the top did it generate temperature codes.  The comment seemed to have unicode errors (?) since there was gibberish at each of the ';' characters.

    Working now.
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