TMC2209 - small movements after home?


Firstly thank you for such amazing software!

I have been searching for an answer to this issue for a little while now, i have got some TMC2209 drivers for a Radds32/Due running Repetier 0.92 firmware on a big CoreXY.

what I am finding is that when i home X axis or Home all axis together they will all home perfectly BUT  as soon as Z axis finishes the X axis will then move 3/5mm towards endstop? 

Y axis does not do this and i tried changing STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY and DIRECTION_DELAY up to 20 microseconds but it does not change behavior.

I used to use RAPS128 without this issue so im assuming its related to TMC2209?

Any help is appreciated!


  • Do you have autoleveling enabled? After homing head is moved to official start position and with autoleveling this can differ also I'd more expect a z move then x move. Don't think this is delay related. Not 100% sure with 0.92 as it is a bit expired and I only work on 1.0 and 2.0 but think it is similar and the end move does it.

    For coreXY you should anyway add a move away from endstop after testing endstop so it is 100% sure endstop does not get triggered in normal operations.
  • Thank you very much for the reply Repetier, I did not enable auto leveling. I think it is time I moved to v1 actually.

    after more testing I think I have found the issue:

    These Specific TMC2209 drivers (FYSETC) came from factory with 0 ohm resistors across the UART enable/PDN pin, this had forced my drivers into UART mode and I believe this was causing some interference with microstepping/steps, as the UART/PDN Pin was connected to MS3 (as soldered by factory) and im not sure RADDS is a true ground on those switches, but I have removed the resistors and I have not had issue yet.

    Lesson learned hopefully, should have fully inspected the drivers before installing.
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