G33 Distortion Correction Add Points

Is it possible to add points to the distortion map?  I have an older delta and there seems to be a small area of the bed that does not get corrected as well as all the rest.  Meaning in that area (about 25mm x 25mm) the first layer seems to drag the nozzle on the glass (too thin of a layer).   I am wondering if I can force a correction point at or near that location.  I can see the adjustment possibility in the G33 command for existing points.  Can I add to this or increase to probe density (more points)?  Does BED_LEVELING_GRID_SIZE control this?  I use BED_LEVELING_METHOD 0, which only measures the three points.  G33 uses the grid correct?

Thanks in advance.  Running 0.92.9 Firmware.


  • No, you can only change point that exist as points are stored in a nxn grid. One trick for deltas is to exclude the corner points so you can increase the measured grid a bit and the corners get extrapolated. If that does not match you can set them later on manually.
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