Heater seems decoupled com thermistor

I have a 3d HD cloner printer plus and when it warms the hot bed it reaches the temperature it turns off and it heats up again and then it turns off with the message kaiser to slow. Rise = -0.07 after 31079 ms.
with the decoupled hot bed message but the temperature indication continues to cool.


  • Once it is triggered no heating occurs for safety reasons. So cooling after it is to be expected.

    The trick is to define timeout so that the decouple warning does not happen under normal conditions. Normally that means increasing decouple timeout. Without graphic of the curve I can not say much but looks like when you reach control range (normally +/-20°C) it is not heating enough to keep temperature and causes it. Try heat manager 0 for bed - it swings more then pid but is dead simple and the swings are not so important for print as extruder temperature.
  • thanks for listening.
    could show me how to make this change.
  • Open EEPROM settings in our host or server. Set heat manager to 0 there. Maybe there is even the timeout available whcih I can not say definitvely at the moment.
  • thanks .
    after the settings indicated the printer has returned to normal operation.
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