Software leveling delta

Hi, I've recently built a delta printer from scratch, I'm using the newest repetier firmware and I'm having some issues trying to level it. The Z axis/height calibration is successful, but the X/Y calibration isn't. I have tried adjusting Rod_radius to remove the Convex effect and that seem to work, but the whole bed looks like it's tilted along the Z tower (at the same height, it touches the bed close to Z tower, while it isn't touching it at X/Y towers). I have tried to adjust the the endstop offsets, but that doesn't seem to have an effect. I see that there is a "level delta" setting in the display menu, but I have no clue how to use it and I would need some help with that too. I don't have auto-level and the endstops/bed isn't movable.


  • First make sure you have set it to go down a bit after homing. 20mm are normally enough. This is required to not trigger end stops when homing and adjusting offsets. Maybe one reason you see no effect. Changing z offset will then work. Only do not forget in eeprom offsets are steps not mm!
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