TMC 5160 Support

Hello !

Is there any support for TMC 5160 in repetier firmware ?
As the two steppers seems to be very close in configuration, can we use it or not and if not, when ?



  • Someone told me they work with TM2130 library. You might need to change some parameter but that is all. This is not verified as I do not have any of them at the moment.
  • which parameters ?
  • That you can set for drivers, chop stealtch etc. Haven‘t written that part so not firm with it.
  • Yes, it works but not fully. I use them atm but only for testing.
    Enabling / Disabling stealth mode seems to work but you have to fiddle around with the RMS value. Because the resistor value is not the same like in the 2130 the calculation of RMS Ampere is not right. I use them with 1500 ma set in repetier with disabled stealth and the motor is usable but I would assume that the value that is really set is 3A or something around that area.

    Thats far away from "productive" but at the moment enough for me to run my printer for testing but you can look into the code:

    TMC2130Stepper::rms_current(uint16_t mA, float multiplier, float RS)

    and set the right value.

    Or try to integrate the newer library from the same the same author like the tmc2130stepper.h into repetier. 
    The new lib is for all tmc chips and supports directly also the tmc2130. 

  • Thanks a lot for your help !
    I replaced RS Original value of 0.110 in tmc 2130 library by 0.075 (the RS value of tmc 5160) and now sensorless homing work without any problem and motors made much less noise !
    Let's hope repetier integrate new tmc library in V2

    (for repetier, I tried to install V2 but It doesn't seems to use arduino IDE anymore and I can't understand anything in it ! When does the configurator for this version will be available ?)
  • TMC library  is already integrated in V2 :-)
    Refer Manual to use V2

    to compile you need to install Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO

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