Problems with Smart LCD & Repetier firmware

Hope there's help out there?
I've built my 10th Delta printer, all previous ones run on Marlin Firmware
No problems at all BUT my latest delta I want to run with Repetier firmware...
Everything works fine accept the smart LCD...
I use the Mega with Ramps 1.4 and Reprap Smart LCD with SD reader
The LCD is very dim (pot fully open) and after a while revert to hyroglyphs
Yet, with Marlin loaded it works perfect. I did use the config tool with version 0.91


  • DIm can be a poti on controller, which I think is what you have opened totally. Second reason is 5V is not 5V for some reason. If you can try switching cables to display and see if that helps. 

    Hyroglyphs come from communication errors. Next 0.92 update has a fix for this that you need to enable. That would reinitalize display every second so it recovers from errors. I can create this phenemon when I put my enabled heater cable near display cables. If they are in a distance, it will not happen. So electrical noise can have a bad impact on display.Marlin uses other timings I guess. Except this there can not be a difference as the protocol is fixed and as you see until the error happens we also talk it correctly.

    With Delta printer you should use 0.92.3 which has many delta improvements.
  • Hi Many thanks for your reply:

    I also thought that the 5v might be the issue for the dim LCD so I switched to 5v external supply on the Ramps 1.4 So I don't use the on-board 5v - the effect is the same - Also remember with Marlin the LCD is fine - same hardware though.  It seems as if the Mega want's to update the LCD too fast causing it to dim

    I will download FW 0.92.3 tonight and have a look at the results, I think this might solve my problem - what must I enable inside the FW 0.92 update?





  • What do you mean with enable inside fw? Just use online config tool for 0.92.3. If you have the old config made with the tool it even can upgrade your configuration.

    LCD updates every 0.8 to 1.0 seconds. If it updates continuesly, some key is triggering, because only actions for keys cause addition updates to show changes immediately.
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