Is there a way to enter ZProbe results manually for bed levelling on machine startup?


I do not yet have eeprom in my system and I don't want to install any at this time.

Is there a way for me to make note of ZProbe results and enter them manually on machine startup.

Not literally manually, but by making a short G or M code script that I would run.

Thank you.


  • If you use a due based board you can use M206  to override values in virtual eeprom. But you need it in ram as it is there stored so would be too late. And there is no command to enter the values. Only for distortion correction it is possible but that is not bed leveling and should not be misused as well. So if you need it add a M code in commands.cpp that writes to Printer::autolevelTransformation[0-8]. After autoleveling you see in log the 9 values stored there. So should be easy to add.
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