Filament out sensor

I added a switch on my filament feed that turns on (low) when it runs out, but i cant seem to get it working in the firmware? what i would like it to do is pause the print and move the ext to say home and wait for me to replace the filament, then go back to printing where it left off. how do i get this to work, i am using digital pin 2 as my sensor input


  • In config tool mechanics at the bottom define the jam method. Trigger on high or low depending on how you wire the switch. Select jam action to request pause at host. You need a host knowing the signal like Repetier-Host or Server.
    In tools set jam detection pin to pin 2 and make sure nothing else uses that pin. That's it.

    Once it got triggered you need to send
    - M513 - Clear all jam marker.

    or new signals will be ignored. Best add this to start gcode so it always enables it automatically.
  • Is there a command to check the status of the jam sensor/marker?
  • No really. Depending on what you configured it will switch to filament change or request pause from host software. So it is obvious more or less if it was triggered. Plus you see it in log I think.

    - M602 S<1/0> P<1/0>- Debug jam control (S) Disable jam control (P). If enabled
    it will log signal changes and will not trigger jam errors!

    might help to configure it correctly.
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