Selective eprom parameters

as i understand, the eprom stores important variables in the firmware without the need of flashing the arduino with new values, but this can lead to a user causing mayhem with the printer.   Is there a way to disable the possibility of changing some of the values?
for example, through eprom changes, one can alter the printer size.  Can this be disabled and how?


  • There is no switch and if you have eeprom all values must be in eeprom. But there is intermediate way as most users will use eeprom editors to change them - do not report all values so user does not see them and hence does not change them. Check eeprom.cpp function void EEPROM::writeSettings() it is just a lot of write operations for all changeable eeprom values. Comment lines with outputs you do not want to show to the user.
  • Repetier,
    It does not work or I am doing something wrong....

    I uncommented the homing feedrate and it still shows.
    I also have commanded M502 and M500 but they still appear

    This is how I modified the eeprom.cpp

       writeFloat(EPR_Z_MAX_FEEDRATE, Com::tEPRZMaxFeedrate);
    //    writeFloat(EPR_X_HOMING_FEEDRATE, Com::tEPRXHomingFeedrate);
    //    writeFloat(EPR_Y_HOMING_FEEDRATE, Com::tEPRYHomingFeedrate);
    //    writeFloat(EPR_Z_HOMING_FEEDRATE, Com::tEPRZHomingFeedrate);
        writeFloat(EPR_MAX_JERK, Com::tEPRMaxJerk);
        writeFloat(EPR_MAX_ZJERK, Com::tEPRMaxZJerk);
        writeFloat(EPR_X_HOME_OFFSET, Com::tEPRXHomePos);
        writeFloat(EPR_Y_HOME_OFFSET, Com::tEPRYHomePos);

  • That removes x,y,z homing feedrate and is 100% correct. Make sure it is the version you upload to printer. Ifyou use github there is a avr and a due version. Only reason it does not work I can think of is that you did not compile and upload the version where you modified the files.
  • Thanks!
    I am sure I compiled the correct version. I tried over and over and commanded M502 and M500 to flash and reload the eeproms...
    will retry...
  • That is the function responding to M205 from which the editor makes the values. At least for repetier-host/server but assume all will do it same way since it is allowed to be changed any time.
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