Z Probing documentation revising??

I'm fighting my way through the documentary right now. https://www.repetier.com/documentation/repetier-firmware/z-probing/
The author put a lot of time and effort into it. Thanks for that!

Nevertheless, many descriptions and explanations are quite nested and obviously written from a programmer's point of view. For my part, I have to read some explanations a few times until they make sense. But sometimes they still don't make sense. And in addition to the sometimes confusing explanations, the German grammar is also quite blatant and makes reading more difficult. I don't want to be a Grammarnazi but for a top brand like Repetier this is clearly not worthy. In the beginning there is also a clear aversion to users who set to Z min.  That does not have to be imho.

Is there an intention to revise this article sometime? I would also offer myself as a free translator.


  • Since we are working on V2 hard which works differently, I do not think we get time to modify that except for errors if detected. V2 gets it's own documentation resp. already has but it is not finished just like V2. But it will be much better documented in the end then V1.
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    Cheers! Can't wait for V2
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