dual extuder heating problem

I have a custom build prusa i3 and wanted to upgrade it to a dual extruder setup. i have a arduino mega and ramps 1.4 board with 2 e3d v6 hotend end 2 e3d titan extruders. i have set everyting up in the firmware and turned all fans of in de firmware because i have them conected to 12 volt so they run constantly when the printer is on. but when i heat up the nozzles in repetier host or server it only heats up the first hotend and extruder (when i heat up the second hotend i get an error that it isn't conected properly). but when i change in the firmware that i have the second hotend conected in the first hotends ports it heats up and when i have ther bed in the port for the second extruder it heats up to so i think the problem is in repetier servor or host because it keeps giving me an error that i havn't conevt everything right but there are no defects in the parts and everything is conected properly. so what do i have to do?


  • Check eeprom - most likely it is not initialized for second extruder as you had only one before. So values for second one will be garbage, NaN, 0. Copy values from first one or restore from config settings. Both will work.
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