Volumetric E and used Filament

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Today I noticed a little bug with RH and Slic3r.
When volumetric E is enabled the Amount of Filament is wrong.
I confirmed this by checking the gcode.
In gcode near the end there is a line:

; filament used = 2293.1mm (5.5cm3)

But RH says:

Benötigtes Filament: 5299mm

Because I didn't knew which one was wrong i resliced it without volumetric E and the RH value changed to:

Benötigtes Filament: 2224mm

I'm using Slic3r v1.2.6


  • Yes, that is right. The host does not know if you selected volumetric or not and always assumes you did not. So host counter is wrong in this case.
  • Maybe you can check the gcode for
    ; use_volumetric_e = 1

    or maybe you could check the config file of slicer.

    Any plans to fix that bug in a future Version?
  • We will add some detections (like we have done in Repetier-Server). But not all slicers say they use volumetric extrusion, so we depend on user inserted comments in start gcode there. Slicer configs are not relevant as we do not know which gcode was sliced with which settings.
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