Radds SD Card

Hello i am using a Radds Board and Radds LCD Display with repetier. I got some Problems with the SD Card port on the Display, is it possible to deactivate the SD Port on the Radds Display and use just the microSD port on the RADDS board?


  • Sure. You just need to prevent switching sd channel with the controller. In DisplayList

    #undef SDSS
    #define SDSS 10
    #undef SPI_PIN
    #define SPI_PIN 77
    #undef SPI_CHAN
    #define SPI_CHAN 0

    delete the #undef for SPI there.

    I think that is all needed to use the radds sd card reader instead.
  • I tried this. It detect's the microSD Card, but no GCODE files. The SD Card port on the Display still stays active.

    #undef SDSS
    #define SDSS            10
    //#undef SPI_PIN
    #define SPI_PIN         77
    //#undef SPI_CHAN
    #define SPI_CHAN        0
  • You must delete also the #defines which override old value that you want to keep. As programmer it was clear for me, but I know I did not say that.
  • Thank you now it works  :)
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