Scale object to a specific size?

Hello! I am using Repetier Host and Server for quite a while now, but I wasn't able to get one specific thing: Is it somehow possible to scale objects to a specific size without having to calculate percentages myself? 
Just a little example: I've got a model with a height of 36cm but I'd like it to be just 34. Sure, I can calculate it myself quite fast: Scale it down to 0,9444. In other slicers I am able to simply change the height to 34, done.

So, did I just miss this portion or doesn't it exist yet?


  • No that is not possible in host. Only percentage can be used here.
  • Okay, thanks for the info - is this planned to be added in the future? I'd really like to appreciate it since working with Host and Server speeds up my workflow a lot. Having to partially use other Tools just takes time.
  • Maybe we will add it sometime. Currently there are more useful features to spend developing time into.
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