Delta printer phisical Dimensions


 I need some help with delta configuration please.

 That is the manning of "Floor
safety margin

Where in the firmware this number is used?

 If I want to use Z probing and Z correction, is it better to
set my "Z length" value to
higher than actual or lower than actual?



  • You can set floor safety margin to 0. That is the height of the slider above table top.

    Lower Z length is safer. If it is too high and you go to z=0 your head will crash into the bed. 

    After first set you should NEVER go directly to 0 - always lower incrementally until you know where the bottom is. Same after autoleveling. Until your zprobe - extrider difference is not exactly known resulting z length is most likely wrong. Find then where you would hit the floor and remeining z is the error for correction of the value.
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