Errors Compiling/Uploading Latest Repetier Firmware


I'm building an older Rostock V2 and am in calibration. Firmware .83

At a step where i need to modify the configuration.h file in arduinos IDE, but I can't compile or upload the code (using 1.8.9). Getting thrown a ton of errors. The repetier firmware I'm trying to edit is the latest from github.

Is there a step or two I'm missing? Or if there's more info needed to troubleshoot let me know.


  • Version 0.83 is not latest firmware version, so what are you now using? Such old versions need an older Arduino IDE. I think 1.0.x should work with 0.83.
  • When I boot the printer up, it shows 0.83 as the version on the screen.

    What's the sequence of events to get things running?
    Do I need to update the board firmware somehow first, or do I need to download the version of repetier from github that matches what my board is already at before editing in arduino IDE > then push the changes to the board.

    A bit confused about why the latest version I downloaded from github wont compile in the latest IDE version?

    End goal was just trying to edit the horizontal radius for calibration.

    Sorry, pretty new to 3D printer builds/controllers.
  • Better option would be to use the online config tool and download the complete FM zip.

  • Ok, so you have 0.83 on it and want to compile a new one 1.0.3 or 1.0.4. That compiles well with 1.8.x Arduino IDEs if settings are correct. But there are many new parameter and function since that version, so starting a new config with online editor is in deed the best solution. 
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