rescue mode

i'm suffering with repiter server after the rescue mode is enabled in the new update,
randomly the printer stop and gives an error "Connection lost with server" and the printer goes to the homing position.
even when i try to run the rescue mode and resume my print the printer resume but in a wrong Z position so it resume printing but in the air.
please i need to know why my printer go to the rescue mode without power lose and how to avoid this, and how to resume printing correctly.


  • What device are you running the server on? If it is a raspberry pi the reason is most likely a bad power unit at the raspberry. Then it often happens that usb devices get disconnected which disconnects the printer causing the error in first place.

    Which firmware with which park position settings do you use. What are your rescue scripts and settings in server. For me z matched but it seems there is a combination where it continues with wrong z that I'd like to fix for next update when I find out how to produce.
  • Okay,
    Regarding the device running i'm currently using Raspberri Pi Model B+ and using the official power adapter, so i dont know what else should i add or to modify to avoid this.
    I'm using marlin, and the safe homing is enabled,
    I dont know how to show the rescue scripts so plz guid me.
  • I meant the settings in printer settings->rescue.

    My tests were with repetier-firmware. You said printer moves to home position - so question is why does it do that and does this change Z. As soon as firmware does a z move the server does not know it will start with wrong z position and print is lost.

    I also have am original pi PSU. None the less I get under voltage warnings if I run "dmesg" in ssh shell. If you look at /var/log/syslog around the time you get your problem you can see if linux disconnected usb or not. It all depends on what you connect to usb ports. Just can say it happens and is often the source of the problems. A better PSU will help in this case. 
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