Nozzle high after z-prodbing

Hi everyone! 
I have a curious issue relevant to Z-probe High... Whatever value i introduce in the eeprom, after start printing g32 command ect.. The nozzle is always too far from the bed and almost aat the same high.  
It dosn't happen when homing the z axis, in this case the nozzle reach the correct bd distance. 
any one had the same strange behaviour. 
Thanks in andvane for any support, i'm going really crazy about that.... 


  • G32 always goes back to start height used for probing. It is not a different homing command. If you run M114 after G32 you will also see that firmware assumes a z height so running G1 Z0 afterwards should move to Z=0.
  • Thnaks for the explanation, but, what i mean is that the nozzle don't came back to 5mm the height for start probing.  But saty at about 0.65mm just 0.2mm more tha the first layer height.
    This is the start gcode i used untill the problems starts.
    g28 X
    g28 Y
    G1 X100 Y110
    g28 z
    g1 z5
    g32 s2
    G1 Z5 F5000 ;

  • Make sure z probe bed distance is at least 5 mm. That is the distance it will do the G32 or limit it to depending on version.
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