Hi all,
I am about to build up a new (small) CoryXY printer with TMC2208 on all Steppers.
Recently I came across the "sensorless Homing" feature for TMC drivers. This is very interessting for X/Y axis.

But I do have some questions about Repetier Firmware 1.x(dev):
1: Are TMC2208 supported via UART?
2: If yes, any suggestions which pins to use for RADDS&DUE? Can I use any digital pin?

The Printer is in build state (all axis moving so far) and I do have some TMC2208, so I could do Alpha/Beta testing if needed. ;)
Unfortunately V2 is not supporting CoreXY as far as I know, so is no option.


  • 1. No, only TMS2130 have basic support.

    V2 supports CoreXYZ in any combination you like. But also there are no TMC drivers at the moment included also this is a planned feature.
  • Thanks for answering.
    What a pity. But I'm also afraid changing to Marlin just because of this...
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    @Repetier, just to make clear:
    Repetier does not support sensorless homing? Neither 2130 nor 2208, neither on V1.x nor V2.x?

    But V2 does support CoryXY? I'm using Ramps-/Radds+Due on my printers, 32bit.
    This is something new to me. Great news, I need to try V2. :D
    Is there a feature comparision sheet between V1 and V2? I expect that not all features from V1 are working in V2 right now...
  • There is no comparison at the moment. There are no important features missing in V2, but some might still change in implementation and there is no config tool. But you can also say V2 is already able to do things better and even some not possible in V1 due to the modular concept. The man problem is that not all hardware is supported at the moment but since I develop on RADDS or similar boards that hardware is working good. More will come soon now that the essential functions are working. So all printer systems work, autoleveing, graphic displays (128x64 pixel), normal stepper driver, endstops, temperature, laser, cnc.
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