#define BAUDRATE

I have mega 2560 + ramps1.5 on delta printer. I install repetier firmware version 1.0.3. First time i set #define BAUDRATE 115200, then i rebuild config and set #define BAUDRATE 250000, but no changes. I try arduino ide from 1.8.6 to 1.8.9 no change. OS windows 10 pro. Compile no errors. Cange 2 plate the same. If install marlin no problem with  BAUDRATE. If i try send M502 i resive Resend:1
ok. in cikle .
What need to be install firmware?


  • Your baudrate is stored in eeprom so it ha svalue from first upload - 115200. You can change it any tim ein eeprom editor.
    will restore settings from config but first you need to connect with old baud rate.

    Alternative change EEPROM_MODE to force overwriting eeprom with config on firmware upload.
  • Thanks, i need to be physically reset controller.
  • Yes, baud rate is only taken on next connection if changed in eeprom.
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