Fixing files that are not watertight

I think their used to be a command on repetier, or on some other slicer that I used to use, that fixed non-manifold .STL files. They were converted to Object (.OBJ) files. My memory is fuzzy (I'm Old).

I just have an old 32 bit xp system so I think I have had problems trying to use free programs on the web like Netfab that I used before autoCADD bought them. Can't really upgrade because my autoCADD, Rhino and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator are all 32 bit.


  • On windows 10 system we have button to fix it using the netfabb autofix that windows 10 now contains.
    Microsoft also offers this as a web service. Doesn't host show the url of the service if it sees non manifold?
  • Slic3r has one built in, and now cura 4 has one
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