Optical filament runout sensor


I woukd like to install filament runout sensor to my printer.
My printer configuration is:

- Arduino Mega with Ramps 1.4 board
- Rep. firmware 1.0.4dev
- Raspberry Pi 3 b+ with orig. 7" display
- Optical sensor -> configured to Ramps 1.4 Digital in D49

What is the right configuration for this? And is it possible to have this feature to work?
In firmware tool I have selected/ tried:

- Jam methot -> When signal gets high (or low)
- Jam action -> ?

I have tried with "Request pause to host..." and "Show jam/out of filament... (requires LCD)" but either of those worked..?

And what this "requires LCD" means? In firmware tool I have selected in Display controller -> "no display" because I do not have any dot matrix display and Raspberry Pi display is not listed.

I woukd like to have my printer just paused or similar if filament is running out and have some message of that. Possible or not with my hardware? ;)


  • - Jam method -> When signal gets high (or low) 
    is what you want.

    Show jam/out of filament... (requires LCD)"  mean printer has a controller (LCD) under its control. So that is not what you want having no display.

    You need  "Request pause to host..." which means you need to print using Repetier-Server - it will send a RequestPause: to server and server will then stop the print. You did not say what you are running on the pi, but that is what is supposed to work.

    Also note
    - M513 - Clear all jam marker.

    once triggered you need to send M513 so it can trigger again, so send M513 after changing filament or as I do it in the continue code for pause.
  • Ok, thanks allready. 

    And yes, I use Repertier-Server, of course.
    So, I have to send M513 manually, right? Or if I use "change filament" -option under Rep-Server will it do this automatically?
  • By the way, should this filament runout sensor / printer pausing work also with "dry run"? 
  • I only have a printer with slip detection that will not work with dry run, so not sure if it gets tested. I think it will not work in dry run as there is no extrusion and I'm quite sure only during extrusion it will test the sensor.

    You need to put M513 in the continue script in Repetier-Server, then it should be no problem.
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    Great, it worked! Thank you so much. This is what I was looking for, at the moment :smile: 

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