Ditto Mode Identically or Mirror

Hey Devs,

after running the configuration tool and looking at the firmware, would it be correct to say that if I have to switch between ditto mode identical and ditto mode mirror, i would have to reconfigure and upload the firmware each time.



  • Ditto mirror is not supported in V1 only in next V2 version and there you can simply switch between mirror and not mirror. Not sure how you did get mirror in V1, might be possible with some config changes. Depending on what you change it could also be doable in eeprom instead.
  • i'm confused about "Ditto mirror is not supported in V1 only in next V2 version"

    in config tool 1.0.3, there is Dual X Axis and also M280 command 
  • Yes, but V1 can only move both extruders in same direction making 1:1 copies. In V2 you can mirror the second extruder to create a mirrored print where it is mirrored at the X axis. So if left moves right the right extruder would move left.

    Guess you meant mirror in the sense of copy and not as I defined it.
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    haha, i guess the terms have not been commonly used/defined yet

    would it be correct to say that in the configuration tool->Tools->Extruder
    Invert motor direction (EXT0_INVERSE)
    Enable motor mirroring (EXT0_MIRROR_STEPPER)

    does not mean i can create a mirrored print?

  • Yes you can say that. That mirror means sending same signals (mirror) to other motor. So context makes the sense.
  • awesome, thanks for the fast respond, looking forward to V2  :)
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