Repetier Server with Hyperpixel 4 touchscreen?

Has anyone had any luck using the Pimoroni Hyperpixel 4 with Repetier Server?  The Hyperpixel install script works just fine on a standard Raspbian install, but for some reason when I run it on the Repetier Server Raspberry Pi image, the display refuses to work, despite the install script completing without error.  There's something in the Repetier Server image that disagrees with the Hyperpixel, but I have no idea what.  Any ideas?


  • Good question. We also are based on Raspbian strech light to have less unused software. We have openbox as window manager and start x server with login at end of pi users .bashrc file.

    I know from other frame buffer displays that they need to set a different target frame for x server in a fturbo... file. Maybe that is just what you are missing, so it still uses the hdmi output.
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