Resume after power loss ?

Any way to have this done through firmware?Maybe writing last executed line (in real time) to some file (which can be deleted after printing is done) in real time and then after power on if that file is present (not finished printing) start executing line from it and continue pritning?


  • Such a solution need special hardware to keep firmware running until data is written. And then it would only work for sd prints.
  • May be you should contact User ASH , i know he built such a system.
    @ASH ; may be you want to help out ;-)
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    I am electrical engineer.I do designing in electronics for living,professionaly as freelancer.I am not software guy,but i know a lot and do a lot in there.All related to any hardware idea is something i can achieve completely.I will be glad to help if needed.I will make this what i asked for with new hardware that i will design in combination with MEGA on my 3d printer driver board.
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    ASH did also the code ;-) , thats why i mentioned him .

  • Did you try this code?How i can implement it in to my current firmware?As i said i am new to these kind of things.What he did looks very much to what i had in mind (logicaly).Instead of writing whats important to SD card  he did it in Eprom which is very smart.
  • i know the code is working as i was involved during development.
    I also know about the hardware but that is not open source and also not a piece of my work.

    thats why i mentioned you to contact ASH.
  • Its ok.I will do all on my way.I am upgrading printer to work with 3 colors and mixing nozzle at the moment.Soon i have that done i will make this we discussed here.Thank you for your help and time.
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