Import settings from marlin firmware

First a big thanks for adding OMC as board....

Like my post in repetier host section i wonder if it would be possible for the online config tool to import settings from marlin firmware?


  • No that will not happen. The configuration is part of the c++ header files and there are so many ways to enter them, that one would need a real complex parser to find the values. Even for repetier-firmware I use a trick for this. There the settings are stored twice. Once for compiler and once for config tool as a json string in a specially marked comment.

    In addition Marlin has hundreds of subversions with own extra config settings. There is no time to collect and transform them into repetier equivalent if even possible, as some things are configured differently.
  • np, just had to ask... but i guess i can copy and paste most of the settings.... 

    are there any guides that you know of that tells how to find the right speed and acceleration vaules ?
  • Acceleration is only relevant for xy. Here it depends more on preferences unless you start loosing steps. 500 is slow acceleration resulting in smooth moves. 2000 is a good fast value but printer will become more jerky, so you might get influences from vibration in your print. 

    Speed is also more quality driven then real possible speed, except for travel moves where you want to be fast with safety margin to not loose steps. 30 mm/s is a slow speed giving good results. At some speed your extruder/hotend starts to loose quality. So keep below that speed for visible parts. For infill you can go higher as long as lines keep lines and don't just drag filament through your model.
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