Not autocenter objects when placed

I have some objects that I am trying to print in such a way that each object needs to be placed on the bed according to its original spatial positioning from the original export.   When I bring objects into Repetier Host the objects seemingly are placed at the center of the bed based on the bounding box of the object.  Is there a way to not do that?


  • 2 Solutions
    1. Use move object (4 arrows left toolbar) then you can enter translation in the right side manually.
    2. Group the objects. Drag second object on first in the right side and both get same translation. This is originally meant for multi color prints to have correct offsets relative. Then it does not matter if printer translate also you can fix that as well with 1. This solution also helps to not drop objects to bed.
  • Thank you very much for the help.  Worked perfectly!
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