Understanding laser

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I try to understand the laser function and have some questions.

laser mode M452, what does it do?
Are there more than one laser modes, if yes what are the codes and what do they do?

Can I switch laser on manually? what g-code?
Can I switch off manually? what g-code?
Is the PWM laser output available at designated laser pin?

Trying different software for filling the image, not only outlines.
Is this already implemented in repetier?

By the way I have a delta printer. When using the plugin for inkscape moving starts in the middle of the bed.
Is there any way to set this somewhere else on the bed. I mean left lower corner


  • V1 only has on/off support laser, no pwm. You can modify the driver for pwm if you have a pwm output that is usaeable.
    Laser will only go on during G1 moves if you enabled it with M3 or if E value increases. G0 moves will not enable laser. When move is finished laser will turn off automatically. That is what laser mode does.

    Inkscape coordinates may not match. Check in host where it will print and add a G92 to move the image if needed.

    So at the moment is is more for making cuts, grayscale can be done by changing speed but you need software generating the gcode.
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