Z is only thing that won't work

I just rewired a solidoodle 3 with a RAMPS 1.4 board. I have got X, and Y axis both working in both directions, endstops are finally doing their job, all fans/lights come one, thermistors and heaters seem to work, but Z just sits.

I can plug the wire from Z motor onto the pins for X and then move X in Repetier Host and the Z motor will move.

I switched the drivers from Z and Y to see if that was the issue, the new Y (old Z driver) is driving the Y motor just fine, but the old Y driver will not drive the Z motor.

At this point I am assuming it's a setting somewhere. I cannot even think of one that might be causing that though. If anyone has had a similar issue any help figuring it out would be appreciated.


  • Most printers have high steps per mm for z if driven with rods (M8 2560 steps). Here you need a slow speed (try 2mm/s first) and low acceleration. Also check these values in eeprom. Steps per mm = 0 can couse bad results. Also check if the z motor geta a current at all (you can not turn motor easily when enabled). Also hear if the motors makes a sound.
  • Thank you very much for the help. It turns out it was working the whole time, it was just moving such a small amount that I couldn't tell, and it wasn't making any noise like the others did. Changing the steps per mm fixed everything.
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