TMC 2130 Won`t Move- NEED HELP

Thanks in advance to who can give me a lead.
Installed a staticboard Ramps 1.4 (worked well with POLOLU)
Then put TMC2130 supplied by staticboards.  Had some issues but managed to work well.
the driver I gave away to somebody all set complete with the firmware so I do not have access to them any more.
Installed a new pair on the same printer.  One driver worked and the other did not.  I switched drivers and the same driver worked, thus
the problem is not the board.
Now got another set of original TMC2130 and put them in...  Nothing happens!  I am mystfied and am at a loss at what can it be.
worth noting that since I am using the Smart Adaptor, I had wires soldered on top.  These I removed and put drectly with the ramps board.  All looks in order but no movement and I am at my wit`s end with this. 
Any help what might be the case?
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