v0.92 too big for Gen6 (ATmega644p)

When compiling v0.92 for my gen6 board I get a too big error (about 68KB).

Am I doing something wrong or does v0.92 not support 644p based boards?



  • Well, firmware is getting more and more features so it grows and 64kb is quite tiny compared with Mega boards having 256Kb.

    The trick is to disable features you do not need until size fits on your board. Most ram is used by ui and eeprom. Arc also uses a few kb and is not used. G10/G11 support you also be left out to spare a kb as well as babystepping and sd support. Hopefully you are then on 62kb.
  • It ended up at 58,460 by disabling eeprom alone :)

    Thank you
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