SDCard not working on DUE+RuRamps

edited March 2019 in Repetier-Firmware
hi, so i've been using repetier-fw v1 dev (just updated to latest) on this setup (ruramps 1.3 + due) for a long time and everything was good.

for the first time tho, today i tried to use the SD Card through a common reprapdiscount smart controller. it does not work.
but it works in Marlin 2.0 bugfix so it's not a hardware problem either.

pin assignment appears correct and identical between marlin and repetier. i get no error messages in the log, just 

17:55:05.869 : Begin file list
17:55:05.869 : End file list

any clues on what could be wrong? SDSUPPORT is obviously enabled in configuration.h, along with the SDCARDDETECT pin


  • ok so adding

    #define SDSUPPORT 1
    #define SDCARDDETECT 51

    to displaylist.h in the proper section makes it work. so there must be something somewhere that undefines the values from both configuration.h and pins.h. clues?
  • nevermind all this, found the culprit in ui.h. will make fix and PR
  • dev version now contains the fix. Thanks for the fix.
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