Low Memory

while uploading latest Firmware 1.03 I'm getting Low Memory Error.
I have Rams board, Discount Display on Delta Printer.
Which part of Firmware I could remove to reduce Memory requirements.
thank you in advance


  • For ramps you have enough flash memory for the software if you do not select all languages.
    For deltas it is more likely that RAM is meant which is critical here. Make sure to have around 1000 byte of free ram in the compile report. Reduce subsegments per line to achieve this. More is better, but strange bugs will happen if you do not have enough ram for the stack. So check that your free ram is around 1000 bytes a few more or less is not important. That is the ideal setting. Arduino IDE might still complain, but you can ignore it. Low is not neccessary not enough.
  • Hi, I think that I have dissabled other Languages, my Configuration.h shows all as 0
    except EN

    #define LANGUAGE_EN_ACTIVE 1
    #define LANGUAGE_DE_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_NL_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_PT_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_IT_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_ES_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_FI_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_SE_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_FR_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_CZ_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_PL_ACTIVE 0
    #define LANGUAGE_TR_ACTIVE 0

    Is this enought ?

    I'm still bellow 1000 byte of free ram.
    Compiler message is as follows:

    Sketch uses 169864 bytes (66%) of program storage space. Maximum is 253952 bytes.
    Global variables use 7227 bytes (88%) of dynamic memory, leaving 965 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 8192 bytes.
    Low memory available, stability problems may occur.

  • Yes looks good. 965 should be close enough to work. You even can enable more languages if you like, but own language is normally enough.
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