Start script Repetier, versus CuraEngine Start script.


For a long time I have been wondering what is the relationship between these two scripts.

This is because we can prepare a sequence of commands in the Printer Settings menu and in the configuration of the CureEngine slicer.

When I load the model and run slicer, a startup script from CuraEngine configuration will be added to Gcode.

So what is the role of the startup script from the printer configuration in Repietier-Host?


  • The host start/stop scripts get wrapped arround the slicer generated code if you print with host directly (not over server). It does not know about slicer variables. It is just for the case you need something extra you did not want to define in slicer scripts for now. In effect it is doubled.
  • Thank you for your explanation. :)
    So it will be good practice to use only one of these possibilities.
  • Yes, best is to have it in slicer. Us ehost only for adhoc mods.
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