Changing from 12864 GLCD to MKS 12864 mini


I have a Reprap Full Grafics 12864 running on Radds with 1.04 using the preconfigured CONTROLLER_REPRAPDISCOUNT_GLCD: Almost Plug and Play! (only that the online config tool set Display 11?)

I had a try on the bks mini, wich failed, using Display 11 with

// ST7920 with software SPI
//#define U8GLIB_ST7920
#define U8GLIB_MINI12864_2X_SW_SPI
--is that correct? Or has the second line to remain uncommented?

It did not work, mainly because of incomplete wiring, but I could notice that the pins were wrong, Reset and Button Click exchanged, for instance. So my Question:

Is it possible to get from the CONTROLLER_REPRAPDISCOUNT_GLCD with the right pin configs directly to the bks mini by configure this (instead of 11) and also  have the #define U8GLIB_MINI12864_2X_SW_SPI in the uiconfig? Could that work? Because the two displays only differs on two of of their video pins... (and the way they using it, but this should be handled by U8GLIB_MINI12864_2X_SW_SPI, right?)

(I could just try, but beeing a quite a bit unsure about the wiring of the video pins, I ask to reduce the possibilities. If anyone knows about the Display-Part Wiring to a radds, please help!)


  • I'd go for the user defined display and set it. But saying 11 and changing to the correct driver should do the same. Only type 11 has quite some if/else parts for different boards so may be hard to find right sport to modify.

    As long as 5V/gnd pins are correct there is no way to do any harm the hardware. All pins are output pins that you should connect to input pins of display. Reverse direction is not needed, so just do not wire it. So worst that can happen is no display.
  • Following - please update if you made it run or failed
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