Screen Changes since 0.92


just managed to update to the 1.04 Version. Using a RepRap  12864 Grafics Display, I noticed some changes, but I don't know if these changes are due to the new version or something I have done within the very first steps of fiddling with repetier.

New: During print, I have a progress bar now. I can change a few values, so it's ok... (for now).

Old: There was the four-quarter view as it was during no-print times. Via quicksettings, I could change the same values as it is possible now. I could also enter the configuration during print to change acceleration values or write them even to eeprom. This is gone now.

Any way to get it back? (Well besides of going back to old version, to avoid the most obviuos answer :-)


  • Yes, the gui has changed a bit to make things easier for most.

    You can try with uimenu.h from old version if it is compatible. Apart from that there is no really way back except modifying the file yourself for what you want. Menu points vanishing are due to firmware state flags and you can modify them to keep an entry always.
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