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Hi, I am setting up a CNC on the style of a 3D printer, And I see that Pepetier has settings for this.
Is there any other settings to make other that enabling it..
Can someone enlighten me on this, do you use it just like the printer.


  • It is used like a 3d printer. Difference is that you can use M3/M4/M5 to enable a spindle if firmware is in cnc mode. That is the only difference.
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    Thank you for the reply .
    I will be using a MKS GEN 1.4 board, where would it be best to connect the spindle.

  • Depends on the spindle and how much power it needs. Normal pins just have 5V and maybe 20mA.
    Extruder outputs can have 1-2A at main power voltage (12 or 24V). If spindle requires 220V you can not control it directly. You may make a SSR for it driven by extruder output or like me just keep it powered all the time.
  • Thank you Sir,that is most helpful.
    The spindle I have has a speed controller board, So I will be able to power it directly from the PS.
  • That is good. We have no speed control, only on off by default. For speed control you need to write own driver to set a pwm signal to a pin.
  • I am not sure, but I believe that the speed is controlled via a pot. I just need to supply power, and I have  48v supply.
  • The MKS GEN has positions for two Extruders, which for this I don't need. Is there a way I can utilize these, for say and extra Y and X drive.
  • Yes you can. In config tool select mirror x and y checkbutton and you can select the E0 and E1 socket for mirroring the motor signals.
  • I thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions
  • With that all sorted, now I need to find out if two motors on the Y is necessary, or can I get away with just one.
    The base plate is aluminum 380 X 280 X 5 mm, you would then have the size and weight of the material.
    I am planing for a belt drive.
  • That is something I leave up to you. I'm more the software guy.
  • I fully understand, thanks any how. Cheers.
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