Show most recent files first. Change step/click of screen button

Hello, help me with these: 
1. I want to show most recent files first.
2. My screen button goes 2 steps per click, can I edit back to normal?


  • 1. No. We have no memory for reading directory and sorting it.
    2. That can be done in firmware configuration:
    /* Normally cou want a next/previous actions with every click of your encoder.
    Unfortunately, the encoder have a different count of phase changes between clicks.
    Select an encoder speed from 0 = fastest to 2 = slowest that results in one menu move per click.
    #define UI_ENCODER_SPEED 2

    Some controller have it also set in their definition overriding your value. These are define in DisplayList.h.
    You can simply search for UI_ENCODER_SPEED and if unsure just change all to slower value.

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